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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What video services is Klickable TV compatible with?

    Klickable TV is compatible with many popular video sharing web sites, including YouTube. If you have a Flash video (.flv) file hosted on a web server, you can also use that to make your Klickable video. If there's a video site we don't support, but you would like to see supported, let us know. For advanced users, you can use our API to integrate Klickable TV into your own player. Contact Us and we can help you with integrating our Klickable TV plugin with Brightcove, ThePlatform, JWPlayer, or FlowPlayer.

  • How do I add a video to Klickable?

    It's simple to add a video! To get started, log in and go to the Add Video page, add a title, then based on your preferred hosting site, enter the following in the Video URL field:

    * FLV File: If you are hosting your own .flv file on a server, just enter the url of the file and click Go!

    * YouTube: Copy the link to the website from the address bar and paste it into the Video URL field and click Go! The video must have embedding enabled or it will not work with Klickable.

    * Contact us for help with other video sharing sites.

    Once your video is in the system you can simply click on the "MAKE" button, right click inside the video, and start making hotspots!

  • How do I get rid of ads?

    To get rid of the contextual relevant ads in your video, your subscription level must be at least a Basic account. Once you are upgraded , the Settings button next to your videos will become active. You will be able to turn the ads on or off or change the frequency of number of clicks before an ad appears.

  • How do I make money?

    There are many different ways to make money through the Klickable TV platform.

    • You can utilize ours or your own contextual ad server to serve up pay per click advertising that is relevant to the hotspots that your viewers click on. The minimum requirements for your ad server is an XML feed. Contact us for more information on how to plug in your ad server into the Klickable TV layer.
    • You can also sell goods and services through your video. Utilize your affiliate codes inside the URL link inside the video. Klickable TV takes NO commissions!
    • Sell engagement! Utilize a gaming concept or multiple viewpoints to get your audience to watch more than once...
    • Sell traditional web advertising like banners or skyscrapers. Utilize the Klickable TV API to tie in these advertising units based on what your viewers are clicking on.

  • What is the difference between the different packages?

    • Free
      • Personal Usage Level of Klicks and Hotspots
      • Data Metrics for video views
    • Basic
      • All the features of a Free account
      • Data Metrics for user clicks
      • Data Charts
      • Video Settings:
        • Line Color
        • Background Color
        • Set Font
        • Glow Filter
        • Kart Background Color
        • Kart Item Background Color
        • Kart Item Scroller
        • Show Ads
        • Ad Frequency
    • Semi-Pro
      • All the features of a Basic account
      • Data Metrics for number of Klicks per Hotspot
      • Video Settings:
        • KlickableTV Icon URL
        • Kart Counter
        • Start Image URL
    • Pro
      • All the features of a Semi-Pro account
      • Data Metrics for click throughs with time stamps
      • Ability to Export Data
      • Video Settings:
        • Target Window
        • Kart Sensitivity
        • Kart Text

  • Why is the Klickable TV tool acting slow? I seem to need to click and drag really hard to get a response.

    The Klickable TV platform is built using Flash and works on Flash Player 9 or greater. Try closing your other instances (tabs, windows) of your web browser, especially the ones running Flash. If you have any other Adobe programs running, close those. Also if you are downloading or uploading large files, continue using Klickable TV AFTER file transfer is finished.

  • My YouTube video is not showing up. What did I do wrong?

    The format of your YouTube video URL should look like[a bunch of meaningless characters]. If this is correct, make sure that your video is NOT marked private or has the ability to be embedded. If all of these things are correct, please contact us.

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