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KlickableTV melds the targeting of the Internet with the conviction of video. Your ad is displayed only when relevant to a target audience: contextually and behaviorally.
An effective way to advertise on video
Receive multiple data points when serving up your advertisements. Someone clicked on a coffee cup, show them a coffee ad. Someone clicked on a coffee cup, soda can, and beer bottle, maybe we should show them a bar ad....our algorithms will let us know.

We've even added a click to the definitions of CPM and CPC. Each CPM display ad is only shown when the user clicks on the object. Each CPC text ad is successful only when the user clicks through on the KlickableTV overlay. That's two clicks. That should be some very targeted and valuable traffic.

Not only that, get a glimpse into what people really think by looking at our analytics dashboard. What do people click on and when? What does this mean? Is there something qualitative going on? Get this valuable survey data from KlickableTV's Analytics.
An exciting way to advertise on video
KlickableTV provides a simple platform where creatives can actually be creative. Some interesting ideas have spanned into various aspects of gaming, info-tainment, branded content, and non-linear storytelling. Utilizing user-generated content in ways never seen before and repurposing celebrity-driven campaigns to get maximum mileage from the same production are other interesting ways to utilize the KlickableTV platform.
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