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Why make your video Klickable?

Simple. Increase your audience attention rates, build engagement, and most importantly, make money.

Increase your audience attention rates: According to Tubemogul's report on internet video, 55% of an audience leaves after the first minute. Why is there such a massive drop off? Since the computer provides an active environment and watching video is a passive activity, your viewers may feel uncomfortable. Hold onto your viewers by letting them click.

Build engagement: Provide your viewers with an active environment by allowing them to discover, shop, and learn more. According to our own data, Klickable videos receive about 1.4 times as many views as a typical flat video, about a 5% Click Through Rate, and a 200% increase in time spent with content.
Viewer Attention Spans
Make money: Monetize your video assets through increased impressions, measurable product placements, and memorable sponsorships. You can utilize affiliate links, pay per click programs, or lead generation mechanisms to monetize your videos. You can even add your own advertisement inventory to your Klickable video! The KlickableTV platform allows you full creativity when deciding the best and most effective way to monetize your video!
What have people done that are cool?

“DVD extra" commentary
Viewpoints in different voices
Secondary storylines
Character insights
Special promotions – “Find the hotspot” i.e. Easter Eggs
Deep product integration and affiliate sales opportunities
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