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I like to talk about the gaming concept mashed up with video a lot.  I think that it's a great way to build engagement with your viewer, especially with online video.  As we know, the video game industry is growing daily while Hollywood (sans Avatar) is shrinking.  Furthermore, at the same time, video engagement rates (abandonment) decrease (increase) as the video plays on (from our friends at TubeMogul).... Read more

Hi Beta Users -
It's been a while since we last posted on here, but we've been secretly cranking away on some great new features that you guys have asked for.  Please make sure to keep those suggestions coming either through the contact form or by sending an email.  We look at everything that is sent our way and you will see some of your ideas and suggestions baked into... Read more

Hey Folks -

Thanks for sticking with us through this summer.  So you guys spoke and we listened.  You all said that Klickable TV was cool, but alas "cool" doesn't pay the bills.  So we integrated a contextually relevant ad network.  Now all of the hotspots you create will have the ability to have contextually relevant ads on them.  (This doesn't apply if you are one of our paying users that integrate their own ads).  In essence we are scraping the... Read more

As Roger wrote in a previous post, Not All Video Is Created Equal so neither should the case studies we put together.  There are so many factors that determine the success of a klickable video.  What are we trying to accomplish with our video content?  Is it simply to have a lot of views?  Or perhaps its to increase the time spent with the video?  Is the goal to push direct... Read more

Hi All - It's been a while since the last posting here.  Just wanted to let you know of some exciting developments that you'll enjoy while making your Klickable videos.  We've made editing in the player much easier.  Now you can make edits on the fly in the player by simply clicking on the pencil icon (while in edit mode).  From here, you can change your hotspot text and images simply and easily.  We've also added an "advanced" instance editor.  This allows... Read more