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In marketing 101 at Wharton, I learned about frequency and repetition. 
"The author of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson, writes that your average prospect must be exposed to various forms of your marketing nine times before becoming a customer. And because his rule of thumb is that you miss your prospect two out of three times, it takes 27 attempts to achieve those... Read more

Online video and television are two different beasts.  Yet because they are very similar in the delivery of moving pictures, people often confuse the two.  Let's look at the economics behind this and we'll see why there's a huge difference in how we monetize video versus television.

The current TV model is all about impressions.  The typical national TV station sells ads at about $25 CPM (cost per thousand impressions).  The lowest rated NATIONAL stations... Read more

The recent Tubemogul study shows that audiences rapidly decline from the pilot to the second episode.  Even Michael Eisner's high profile Prom Queen went from 405,000 views to 38,000 while the average of the 50 highest profile web series' decline a whopping 64%.

What's going on here?  What are "we" (online video producers) doing wrong that JJ Abrams and... Read more

Recently, I met with some interesting folks in the clearances department to learn about what they do and how they can apply Klickable video to make their work easier.  Did you know that every brand, every logo, every piece of art in the background needs to get cleared (i.e. OK'd to appear) in every movie, commercial and TV show that you've ever seen?  Every brand needs to give explicit permission to that content owner for their logo / item / brand to appear in the video. ... Read more

The latest headlines:

  • Wallstrip cancelled by CBS
  • Revision 3 shuttering down many shows


What's happening in our online video economy?


At CES we saw many large screen TVs that were trying to come ready for the Internet revolution.  However, these were huge sites like Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster and YouTube, which are only profitable because of content... Read more