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Now that we convinced you that engagement is important, the next key question becomes: How do we measure this thing called engagement?

For years the television has been selling engagement as simply being "on-air" a commercial that is spliced in between cliffhangers of their blockbuster drama.  Magazines have done the same by putting in pages of advertising that interrupts your reading... Read more

What business are we describing here?

Huge upfront initial investment for production of product.  Egos of stars like Steven Spielberg or Keith David.  Then a huge push for Prints & Advertising (sort of) to get people to buy the product at distribution outlets.  An initial buzz to sell product through... Read more

According to Wikipedia:
"DMCA Title II, the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act ("OCILLA"), creates a safe harbor for online service providers (OSPs, including ISPs) against copyright liability if they adhere to and qualify for certain prescribed safe harbor guidelines and promptly block access to allegedly infringing material (or remove... Read more

Last week Tremor Media, Jupiter, and announced studies showing that pre roll wasn't dead. 

  • Tremor says that pre roll completion hits 80%

  • Break says that pre roll completion rates hit 90% with 78% watching at least 15 seconds and click throughs are coming in at about 10%. 
  • Read more

This year's Olympic coverage on NBC really exemplifies the long tail of content.  Every Olympic sport is covered on, you can see the Men's Eight Repechage, the Women's Epee, or the Team Dressage Grand Prix (events that are in rowing, fencing, and equestrian, respectively).  Despite this extreme coverage, NBC is second only to Yahoo.  Yahoo had more unique page views despite NBC's exclusive video content.  Sure to date, NBC has smashed online records... Read more