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Gemini Division, the much hyped about webisode series, stars Rosario Dawson and is backed by NBC.  Product placement integration includes Cisco, Intel, and Microsoft.   A science fiction series targeting the 18-35 male demographic has built much hype as it is one of the few web only series with Hollywood superstars (the other ones being Vuguru's production Prom Queen and the All for Nots, Quarterlife, etc).  I'm curious to see how the product placement integration will... Read more

The Wisdom of Crowds describes what is known as collaborative production exemplified by the wiki.  My goal in writing about "the wisdom of crowds" is to provoke thought about this innovative new way to create mass intelligence and to determine what you (the crowd) might think.  After all, 300 million US brains out there are better than one. 
The growth of Wikipedia hasn't... Read more

Wow - So the concept of Klickable TV was spawned more than a year ago from another project (which is about to be completed) called MyRoommates.TV.  The premise was product placement on steroids.  We had a few false starts by trying to outsource development.  I got frustrated and decided to become a Flash developer myself.  (How hard could it be right?  I survived my undergraduate operating systems class somehow (thanks Stuart)).  Well this turned out to be... Read more

5:15AM - Blog is back online.....

5:21AM- So its a few hours before we launch our web site.  Yes.  It is 5:21 AM and its the second all nighter in a row that we've had.  Dmitry, our chief technology officer, is going to Kyrgestan in less than 12 hours and we're trying to get this thing going.  We've finished a lot of things but in between a huge client and our site launch we haven't had much time to do anything other than hit the 24 hr bodega across the... Read more

So as more and more people go online the huge advertising marketing known as television is in flux.  The current model is to produce a very expensive program and then to place the show on the antenna which broadcasts out to the masses.  If one person receives the signal it costs the network the same as if they were broadcasting the Super Bowl.  Hence everyone wants a hit show because that means there are more eyeballs and thus, more profit.  Production is a sunk cost... Read more