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klickable Blog

So what's happening with television?  More and more people are watching "television" online.  Why?  Well, you are no longer a slave to the schedule.  Freedom to watch whenever, wherever (at least wherever you have Wifi), however you want (on your laptop or on your friend's laptop).  So the hard facts, brought to you by Comscore, are that 11.5 billion videos were viewed in March 2008 up... Read more

The future of video is indeed klickable.  How was this whole concept conceived?  Well, it all started when I was watching YouTube and I was also checking my email, and I was checking my negative bank balance, and I was also trying to figure out the weekend weather, and I was getting chat requests from Facebook, gmail, and AIM.  Agh!  But then I got an email saying "Hey, check out my YouTube video."  Well, after multi-tasking all day, I was going through withdrawal... Read more