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Cross Discipline Innovation and Video

I recently attended a meeting (I won't mention which) about how to spur growth in the city's startup scene.  One of the takeaways was the silo-ing of the different industries in NY so that they could concentrate on making the "correct" contacts within their industry or discipline.  I think that one of the things that we pride ourselves on here at KlickableTV is the cross discplinary nature of our thinking.  We all come from multiple industries whether it be film, finance, technology or fashion.  It's the interaction between the disciplines that will drive innovation. 

I recently finished reading Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind.  He mentions  cross discipline as well as what will drive the new world we live in.  We are slowly seeing it creep into our world in various fashions: the Wharton School's Management and Technology Program (business and engineering), Adobe Flash (programming and design), and Wall Street's Quantitative Analysis (physics equations becoming securities pricing models). 

So what's this have to do with video?

Business models are changing...rapidly.  The one purpose vehicle of the 30 second (interruption) commercial is being phased out thanks to TIVO (and DVR's).   Marketers need to start thinking differently.  At the same time, with a glut of content ideas, storytellers need to start thinking with a business sense as well.  Why was a web hit like Will It Blend so successful and popular?  A combination of story telling talent combined with marketing prowess. Content that not only informed but entertained.  Is the new new degree the MFA/MBA? (U Michigan has this program and in 2004 Harvard Business Review said that "The MFA is the new MBA" - I don't agree...yet).

Will we see more of this sponsored content, branded entertainment, product placement?  You betcha.  Have we seen this before?  Of course.  Soap Operas.  They are called soaps because they were paid for by the big CPG companies (the companies that made soap).  Except now, the soap will be playing a much more prominent role in things.

So yes, understanding across disciplines is super important.  Understanding a certain topic but being able to see how it is relatable to another.  Seeing the relationship between seemingly unrelated items.  Recently we learned that KlickableTV was being used in the educational space.  That's pretty cool.  Never would have thought of that one.  So keep thinking (I hate to use this overused proverb but) outside of the box.  Mashups are the future!

I'll end today's post with another little game so that we can see why big picture and cross discipline is so important.  Which products would never have been invented had:

Chocolate never mixed with peanut butter
Car paint never mixed with Sand paper
Larry never met Sergei
Ping pong never mixed with computers
Electromagnets never mixed with dots and dashes.

Email me at roger at klickable dot tv with the right answers and you can win a prize!

Photo by Vermin inc

Posted: March 17, 2009

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