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Getting Lucky (Part 2)

The word can't is the biggest obstacle in your path to luck.
Can't is the worst thing that an entrepreneur can say.
What separates America from the rest of the world is their refusal to quit and the elimination of can't from their vocabulary.
Imagine Neil Armstrong or John F Kennedy said that they CAN'T put a man on the moon.
Imagine Steve Jobs said that you CAN'T have every song you've ever desired in your pocket.
Imagine Larry and Sergei from Google saying no way, you CANT organize the internet.

Folks are always asking about when the best time to start a company is.  I don't think that there is EVER a good time.  It's always going to be difficult but if you can see it then you can do it.  However TODAY is a much better time than ever to do ANYTHING.  We live in such an awesome time, thanks to aforementioned entrepreneurs.

Look at this comparison: 
When I was a kid: I guess I am dating myself but I remember that if I wanted to find out the history of Cinco de Mayo I would have to go to the library (you know, that place with books?) and go into the Card Catalog, and perhaps find a book that had card catalog tags that placed it into that category.  Then go into the stacks and find the dewey decimal number that matched my handwritten note.  I hoped the book was filed correctly.  If it's not, I usually looked around, since in bigger libraries there were so many books that the assistant librarians could have made a mistake.  Now that I have the book, I can look thru the index for my search term.  "Cinco de Mayo" history.  Or simply history if I would be so lucky as to find a book all about my subject.  Damn.  This particular book tells me about recipes for Cinco de Mayo parties and the only history they give me is the history of the margarita mix they are suggesting.  Maybe I'll look around the same dewey decimal numbers but usually I'll have to go back to the card catalog and find another book.  Iterate until you find the information you need.  Time spent: 2-3 hours.

Today: turn on your computer, PDA, internet connected device.  go to  Type in "Cinco de Mayo history" and click on link.  Time spent: 5 minutes (and most of that was due to Windows booting up).

Amazing, huh, the time we live in.  We can learn anything we want.  If you don't like reading on your computer you can simply go to and find a book on ANYTHING.  And Amazon searches through the text of the book so if someone didn't categorize your book correctly in the card catalog, no matter!  It still comes up!

So if Neil Armstrong, John F Kennedy, and the NASA team could do it,
if Steve and Steve could build Apple
if Larry and Sergei could do it
using the Dewey Decimal System then you can do anything you want with what we have today.

Stop worrying about what you can't do, think about what you can do.  Don't know Flash, use Klickable.  Dont' know how to edit, use iMovie.  Don't know how to shoot, get a great book from Amazon (that's how I learned).  Dont' know how to tell a story, take Dov Simens class (or watch them). Tell me your story email me at roger at klickable dot tv. 

Excerpts from my book and personal blog.
Photo courtesy Yu Kubo

Posted: May 5, 2009

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