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If you tell them to KLICK, they will

As Roger wrote in a previous post, Not All Video Is Created Equal so neither should the case studies we put together.  There are so many factors that determine the success of a klickable video.  What are we trying to accomplish with our video content?  Is it simply to have a lot of views?  Or perhaps its to increase the time spent with the video?  Is the goal to push direct sales?  Or to introduce a new product and drive viewers to a specific call to action?

Nobody doubts that klickable technology is cool but businesses usually need to be more than cool to justify incorporating a new software into their video strategy.  So when we go to meetings, our focus is to discover what they hope to accomplish with klickable videos.  With that said, we are continually building case studies to analyze the effectiveness of klickable videos. 

The case study I want to review today is: Jay-Z’s “D.O.A” music video-- the "flat" video was actually released on June 29th and the klickable version on July 10th.
D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune) Interactive Video! Never Seen Before!

Our friends at Roc4life told us their goals: they wanted to increase engagement, have fans follow Jay-Z on twitter, friend him on myspace, direct users to more Roc4life content, and also to link to Rocawear store.  Only a couple goals, right?

Happy to say- they accomplished all that and more!

• In less than a week the video was viewed 6,144 times and generated 64,410 klicks!

• On average viewers are watching the video 2.9 times

So what do we attribute the success of all this?

Well, first, the video itself.  Content is king, right?... a music video from one of the greatest hip hop artists of our time is sure to garner attention, especially when its released on a site that has such a loyal community.  Also contributing to the high number of views was because the video was posted on the front page of the Roc4Life website for the entire weekend.  And we should note that Roc4Life did a great job with promotion of the klickable video via twitter, facebook, and blogs.

However, there were a few other things that really contributed to its success:

To start they titled their post "D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune) Interactive Video! Never Seen Before!" and then they instructed their users what to do... "CLICK AROUND IN THE VIDEO TO FIND INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT JAY-Z, INSPIRATION FOR THE VIDEO, FEATURED CAMEOS AND MUCH MORE! JUST HIT PLAY!"

Even more impressive- they were creative in further encouraging interaction with the video! 

Roc4Life posted trivia questions where viewers could answer in the comment section, triggering further interactivity and click throughs as many of the questions you could only answer by clicking on the video! 
(Half of all the posted video comments were answers to the trivia questions.)

In terms of engagement metrics- there is no question... if you tell them they can click- they will and will a lot.  But how does that translate to dollars and sense? 

We're still tracking down data... we're curious if sales went up at Rocawear on the days surrounding the release, if there were more itunes downloads...
I'm also curious if Jay-Z's twitter followers went up.  That counts as a conversion right?
We'll fill you in with this data when we have it but until then, I encourage you to think outside the box on how klickable can help you meet your goals... and if you're stuck... email me at emily [at] klickable [dot] tv and I'll help you brainstorm.

Posted: July 17, 2009

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