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Klickable takes online video deeper

July 17th 2009
by Edward Barrera

ADOTAS — The race to conquer the video revenue problem has started to heat up.

Emerging companies, like Clikthrough, which just secured $1 million in Series A funding, are coming up with interactive experiences to entice users to drill down into content. One of the companies is Klickable, a New York-based startup.

The company is one of the interesting interactive video platforms in a growing space that could allow video to finally break through when it comes to revenue. The platform allows users to create clickable videos. Viewers clicking on images within the video can see information pop up, whether it’s information on characters or about the dress someone is wearing. The obvious use is for advertising but could prompt viewers to become more engaged. The platform is meant to be simple, said Klickable CEO Roger Wu, and a portable layer that can be plugged into any system. It can be programmed to stop the video or just have an overlay pop up, when clicked, while the video content continues.

Wu says the company wants to open the program so that developers can create added layers, a la Twitter and iPhone apps, and also wants to mingle social media features. The company, started in 2008, is looking for funding, Wu said, though money from Angel investors and family and friends allows the company time to find the right fit. (They’re also looking for hardworking programmers with an eye for detail, if anyone is interested).

From the demos I’ve seen, and the Jay-Z video below, everything has to be clicked on to see. I would rather roll over my clicker and see the popup, something that Wu says is part of the API so the producer can control the experience. But the technology is exciting.

Klickable has the right combination in mind for the future, with video, social media and opening up its technology. It will be fun to watch how it does

Posted: July 17, 2009

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