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Klickable Update

Hi All - It's been a while since the last posting here.  Just wanted to let you know of some exciting developments that you'll enjoy while making your Klickable videos.  We've made editing in the player much easier.  Now you can make edits on the fly in the player by simply clicking on the pencil icon (while in edit mode).  From here, you can change your hotspot text and images simply and easily.  We've also added an "advanced" instance editor.  This allows you to edit the specific instances of your hotspot so that if you lingered a bit or started too late you can now fix that.  All of these changes are rendered in real time so you can simply scrub back and see your updates. 

We've also improved performance of the Klickable layer so that your hotspots load faster.  For the PRO users, we've also created a bunch of new hooks into our API so  PRO users, please let us know, and we can open up some of this functionality to you, which will help you on player integrations and functionalities.  Also on the PRO side are a complete set of data and analytics that allow you to measure the effectiveness of your videos and campaigns.  We're slowly rolling out a bunch of other new features so stay tuned and let us know what you'd like to see!

The Klickable Team
July 13, 2009
Klickable Headquarters
New York City

Posted: July 13, 2009

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