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New and Improved Contextually Relevant Video Ads

Hey Folks -

Thanks for sticking with us through this summer.  So you guys spoke and we listened.  You all said that Klickable TV was cool, but alas "cool" doesn't pay the bills.  So we integrated a contextually relevant ad network.  Now all of the hotspots you create will have the ability to have contextually relevant ads on them.  (This doesn't apply if you are one of our paying users that integrate their own ads).  In essence we are scraping the hotspot data to serve up a geographically and contextually targeted advertisement.  The ad networks that we are working with are all currently "pay per click" which means that you only get paid if a user were to click on your ad.  When and if an ad loads (notice the white covering every 5th (default) click or so - this is our ad engine trying to get an ad.  If it fails then it tries on the next click and allows you to see the creative underneath) we force the user to "x out" of it in order to get the underlying content.  However, don't fear, producers, because the ad goes into the kart with the rest of the klicks, so the user still can go back and click on the advertisement. 

Either way, there you have it.  Contextually relevant advertisements in video.  We want to help the video community out in monetizing just like Google helped out the bloggers with their AdSense product.  Suggestions, comments, questions, threats?  email me: roger at klickable dot tv

Note: In the picture above I clicked on the costume and wa la! I get an ad for costumes!

Posted: September 9, 2009

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