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The Enhanced Version of Video

Hi Beta Users -
It's been a while since we last posted on here, but we've been secretly cranking away on some great new features that you guys have asked for.  Please make sure to keep those suggestions coming either through the contact form or by sending an email.  We look at everything that is sent our way and you will see some of your ideas and suggestions baked into our product.

Now onwards with today's topic of enhanced video.  I'm pretty much a big fan of Lost on ABC although I admit I've been slacking off a bit.  The guys from Lost though realized that the hardest (and costliest) part of creating content is creating content.  Their pilot episode cost between $10 and $14 million dollars compared to a typical $4 million dollar pilot.  Yet they can only charge so much for a 30 second commercial and these numbers are slowly dwindling as advertisers are demanding more.  So what is LOST to do?  How can I get an audience to rewatch my video content when they already know what is going to happen?

The answer: The enhanced version. 

LOST's producers are no dummies.  They realized that their show is sliced and diced in millions of blogs and web sites.  So why not contribute to it?  They've added an "enhanced" version which is shown the week after the regular version.  It consists of a text box at the bottom of the screen which adds another element of commentary to it.  It's great for fans (I admit I haven't watched an enhanced version yet) since it caters to their wanting more, more, MORE!  As a video producer, you win as well because you get the eyeballs without undergoing production.  According to some TiVo categorizes this as a NEW episode, which to producers this is good too  because you get the "full" price for the advertising as opposed to the "rerun" price.

So there you have it: The reasoning and the economics behind repurposing content.  Now how does this apply to you?  You don't have a show like LOST where people are wagering on every scene and on every character.  Well, you don't, but you do have the Klickable TV platform to use.  What we've seen that is quite intriguing is the ability to create different versions of the same video.  Remember Kurasawa's Rashomon where four characters tell the same story but from different perspectives?  Now you can do the same…. Have each of your actors utilize the Klickable platform and tell us their stories in real time.  It's similar to what Next to Normal did with Twitter and it's something that you can easily do with Klickable TV.  So now, why reshoot when you can just make it Klickable!  And as usual, don't worry we'll tell you who's watching what so you now how to tweak your ideas for next time!

Posted: November 23, 2009

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