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The Why is More Important than the What

Why did we create KlickableTV?  My goal when we first started KlickableTV was to help build technology for a webseries that I had written and directed and also tried to act in.  It was called MyRoommates.  The entire series was shot with klickability in mind.  However, with an initial goal to get the film in the can, this beast has really grown from there.

One of the things that always got me about media was that it was about what SOLD best, and what sold best was based on precedent.  William Goldman mentioned that "No one knows anything."  We don't know anything, the best that we can do is guess.  Since Brad Pitt was in one movie, doesn't mean that his next will be just as successful.  And because of this our films and our TV have always been very similar.  I think the Internet has helped us do many things so much faster including the spreading of voices, cultures, and understanding and this has transcended race, class, and sex.  We have our first black president, we have an asian singer for Journey, and we have more women in the workforce than men. 

I wanted to create KlickableTV with the same result that eBay achieved.  To help niche sellers of goods and services find a market for their items, and in turn allowing small mom and pop stores to do what they did best.  I wanted KlickableTV to help content creators find a way to monetize their voices.

I'm so happy for all of you that are finding a way to monetize with our platform, for new voices to come out so that the BEST talent can shine through and not simply the most well connected.  This reminds me of the reason why I am able to wake up everyday and it happened a few years ago at the YouTube upfronts: 

At their upfronts, Google had all of their YouTube stars attending in order to sell advertising to the biggest marketers in the US.  I remember meeting the mad scientist from Will It Blend, the guys from Soulja Boy, etc, but really brought a tear to my eye was funtwo, the player of Canon in D.  For many months, he was the unknown talent on YouTube, an anonymous voice that excelled.  His views soared but no one knew who he was.  Then he was unmasked.  A teenage kid in Korea, now playing in New York City in front of the biggest marketers in the world.  Only today.  Only because of the amazing platform that YouTube created.  That changed his life and it changed mine as well.  We're in it to make money and I'm all for it.  We all have bills to pay, people to feed, and rents to keep up, and we do have a business model to support this, but watching that kid playing guitar with so much passion and watching him go from unknown in Korea to paid gigs around the world was awesome.  Even if YouTube goes the way of Geocities, they will have touched and changed many lives and THAT is awesome.

I wanted to let users have a voice. I wanted them to make money so that they could keep creating.  Their first video might not be a hit, but perhaps its their third or fourth.  Find your voice, get it out there, and keep expressing.

I wish all you voices the best of luck.  Please share your experiences with me roger at klickable dot tv

excerpts from my book and blog
Photo courtesy of Emily Gannett

Posted: May 7, 2009

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